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Coffee or wine, It's wedding time: my process

So you've found my enquiry form and filled out all the juicy details of your day, pressed submit... then what?

Before I dive into the details, know this - my aim as your celebrant is to make what is already a simple process for you even easier and stress free.

I'm a small but essential cog in a big, extravagant wheel. You've got mail Ding, ding! My phone pops up with a delightful notification saying 'hey Jorg, someone wants you to marry them'. OK not quite that but I receive your enquiry form and straight away I consult my high-tech Google calendar* to see if I'm available and visit the inter-webs to see where your ceremony is (I'm not Mel-born and bred so maps are my best friend). You'll receive a quote by return email and a little blurb about how I work, what's included and an invitation to talk about it further with a coffee or wine... or as I write this in May 2020 - a FaceTime date thanks to social distancing. Chat & cheers I wrote in my first DTL blog post, 'There’s nothing more I love when booking in new clients than sitting back and listening to them tell me all the ins and outs of their relationship, wedding plans, and hilarious side stories over a cup of delicious caffeine or a glass of heaven (red)'. This is still very true. If we catch up for a coffee then I love to find new spots around the North side however when in doubt I will highly recommend the delicious drip at John Gorilla Cafe. If we're catching up for a sip after the usual 9-5 business hours, then I'll recommend a spot around the city. Cumulus Up is an easy go to. (Fun fact: I work full time too.)
Our chat and cheers is an opportunity to get to know each other and talk about your wedding, you as a couple and, most importantly, make sure we click. I say it all the time but you're inviting us into a very personal time in your lives and it's imperative to me that you feel comfortable. So, if you're feeling all the good vibes and we get on like a house on fire as they say, then we can clink our glasses then and there to a fabulous working relationship to come. But if you like to play hard to get then that's totally fine because my meetings are obligation free and I encourage you to make sure you pick the right celebrant for you. Eww... Paperwork Part of my job is paperwork and it's a pretty important part. The best thing is that all you need to do is sign on the dotted line (once you share a few details and show me your ID). The most important document that is required to be lodged with your celebrant a minimum of a month out from you wedding is the Notice of Intended Marriage.
From there I'll use your details to fill out the Official Marriage Certificate, Marriage register, and Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage.
Your paperwork is a little more fun. I will send you a questionnaire with loads of questions about you two - fun ones and mushy ones. My biggest tip is to give me as much detail as possible because the more you give, the more personal your ceremony will be**. I try to get this back a couple months out to type and help you with vows should you need it. Otherwise you can consult my other handy blog posts.

Stay connected If you've booked me two years to 6 months in advance, you can bet your bottom dollar you won't hear from me everyday. I'll squirrel away and periodically I'll pop up to check in but mostly my work is done in the final months leading to the day after you've returned a juicy detail-filled questionnaire. As you venture through the wedding planning process, don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need any recommendations. I'm here to support you. The final count down Pre-wedding catch-up: Maybe this is another excuse for a coffee or wine but it's a good one as we can go over the order of events and discuss whatever else we like. If we're not doing a rehearsal we can finalise the paperwork too. Rehearsal: If you've got a big-ish wedding party, flower girls or pageboys, pets, or a whole lot of nerves, then let's do a rehearsal so everyone feels comfortable on the day. We don't have to be at the venue to this, it can be in a park or your backyard. That way it can be one evening through the week or a weekend morning. I now pronounce you On your wedding day you can bet that I'll be there early. I'll use the hour to set up, sound check, speak with your other vendors and make sure it's all going to plan. You can bet I'll be greeting your guests as they trickle in with a big-ass cheesy grin and prepping the wedding party with final details and pointing out where to stand. Before you make your way down the aisle, I'll come and say hello and let you know if we're running to time and give you the signals. But really I'm there to give you a hug (when we're allowed again) and wish you luck! I'll wrangle the crowd, you'll hear all the juicy details you shared crafted together as your guest giggle and aww over you. We'll say things, we'll sign things, we'll... you'll kiss and then we'll celebrate you as a happily married couple. Signed, Sealed, Delivered You've signed on the dotted lines, you've sealed it with a kiss and now it's time to get that official marriage certificate delivered to your door. I'l submit your paperwork through BDM's portal and request a marriage certificate be sent to your door at the same time. 5 stars We're almost at the finish line, don't worry.

After the wedding I'll ask you a favour - I'll ask you to write a review and share some of your photos with me. Like a good restaurant, people read the reviews before booking their wedding vendors. It takes 5 minutes and would mean the world to me and help others put their faith in me as you did to create a memorable ceremony. OK, Bob's your uncle, that's it.


* I say high-tech google calendar because I only recently transitioned away from an A5 hard-copy diary... old school right! For a long time I'd feel naked without it by my side. ** I once got asked for a really funny ceremony to reflect the couple... they gave me nothing funny to work with.

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