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Same same but different: The other side of Rona

There is no escaping it, Rona (aka. Covid-19) has taken the globe by storm and sadly infected every nook and cranny of our lives, our beloved weddings no exception. Now as we hopefully near the other side of this world pandemic (at least in Australia), we need to think about what the new normal is when it comes to weddings.

Photo by Mitchell Orr via Unsplash

I definitely don’t want a corona-cloud to cast a shadow on your day if it is to fall in the near future but we need to be sensible to protect our health and safety, that of our loved ones and of the kick-ass crew that are helping to deliver your day. So what does that mean and what will be different?

Big smiles and less hugs

One thing that will not change is me greeting you with a cheesy smile and so much excitement it’ll bowl you over. What is on temporary hold is the usual hug, kiss on the cheek, high five or handshake that might follow. For now let’s foot tap, elbow knock or even wave.

Knowing how many can join the party

Keeping up with the rules and restrictions is so important as the government both state and federal incrementally ease restrictions. Knowing whether you can have 20 guests or 100 guest makes a huge difference not only to how you remember the day but how the venue are able to run it. If a small intimate affair is what you wished for, then maybe you need to rethink what venues will allow more space and therefore meet the 4 meters squared per person rule.

For my Victorian clients, visit the Vic Department of Health and Human Services website.

As at 28 June, 'Up to 20 people, in addition to the celebrant and couple being married, can attend a wedding.  The one person per four-square metres rule needs to be followed. If a wedding is in a home, it will be limited to the members of the household plus a maximum of five visitors, plus the celebrant.  If a wedding ceremony is in a restaurant or café, the group maximum is 20, plus the celebrant and the couple.'

Don’t risk it for the biscuit

Keeping healthy is vital and knowing the signs means knowing when to stay away. For me, if I have any concerns I’m displaying symptoms, I’ll alert you and arrange an alternative celebrant for the day by reaching out to my awesome network.

This rule goes for your guests and I’d go as far to say your wedding tribe too... as much as you’d miss them standing up there with you. Have a chat to your guests and let them know that if they are unwell that they best not attend. Maybe we can video call them in so they don’t miss out.

Cleanliness is key

On top of washing my hands before I leave the house to head to your wedding and most likely when I get there too (venue permitting), I’ll be carrying extra hand sanitiser with me. Should you or your guest want to pump a little bacteria-killing magic on their hands, just ask.

Keeping our distance

It comes down to being sensible and not standing too close to one another. I’ll politely ask your guests to keep a safe distance from one another during the ceremony. Don’t worry it won’t be too doomsday, just a gentle metaphorical no contact nudge.

We'll see the other side of this soon if we all work together. If you have concerns about how Rona might affect your day, let's chat in collaboration with your venue.

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