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it takes a village... maybe even an army

We've all heard the saying 'it takes a village' when referring to something that requires a lot of organisation and hands. Weddings, well they take an army.

Luckily in this line of work I'm fortunate enough to meet not only amazing couples, but some very talented vendors too. So here is 'spread love like confetti' 2.0.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Here is a list of just a few of the talented vendors I've crossed paths with in 2019 so far. More to be added throughout the year.


Nick Skinner |

Jessica Abby |

Sayher Heffernan |

Alex Chung Photography |



Cal Young |



Rockmotion Project |

Black Pepper Studio |

Jorgia with videographers Henrik Darwin and Erwin
Adore working with Henrik, Darwin & Erwin


Willow & Stone, Ballarat |

Bulong Estate Winery, Yarra Valley |

Gardens House, Royal Botanic Gardens by Atlantic Group |

Carousel, Albert Park by Food & Desire |


Wedding stylists:

Lettuce & Co |

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